winkle 3
big star

Big Starfish 17mm


fern 2

Fern 26mm



Willow Leaf  26mm


leaf print 2

Leaf Print   26mm



Sea Charms

winkle 1 small

handcrafted fine silver jewellery


Items are made to order and may not be identical to photograph. Sizes may vary.  Leaves and seeds subject to availability. All pendants come with a 450mm sterling silver snake chain and clasp. If you would like a different length then please ask.

coral 2
mussel 2
star 1

Mussel Shell 15mm


Eye of the Storm

15mm    £40

Cockle Shell10mm


Venus Clam 12mm


Winkle Shell 15mm


Sea Urchin 20mm


Starfish 12mm


Skye Coral 13mm


Bunch of Ash Keys

30mm    £44

Ammonite 10mm


ammonnite 3
cockle 6
eye of the storm 5
ash key 3
venus 3

Cowrie Shell 12mm


Urchin 12